What Readers Are Saying

“Time to Care by Norman Makous, MD, is a must-read as the nation struggles with healthcare reform. The author’s patient-doctor relationship focus could lead to higher quality care, reduced costs, and much more satisfaction for both patients and doctors. His research, combined with fascinating personal experiences, makes this a lively read.”  – Joseph P. Sullivan, Chairman of the Board of Advisors, RAND Health

Time to Care is a remarkably timely book which should be required reading for anyone interested not only in containing medical care costs but also in reforming the way medicine is practiced… I for one am sure that we will all benefit from this.  – Magdalena T. Tosteson, PhD, Lecturer, Harvard Medical School

Time to Care has come at an opportune time given the present healthcare debate… It absolutely should be read by both the public and our political representatives.”  – William S. Frankl, MD, Author and Retired Clinical Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine

“Dr. Makous has lived the changes that have shaped the practice of medicine over the past half century… In Time to Care, he cautions that we should not to let technological and operational advances impede the primary cornerstone of  medicine – the physician-patient relationship.” – Oliver C. Bullock, DO, Professor of Family Medicine, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

“We, as patients, can attest to the importance of a personal relationship with our doctor – one who listens to us, who talks to us, and gives us the feeling that he or she really cares. I urge everyone in the country to read this informative, provocative, and heartfelt book on today’s medicine, and to join with Dr. Makous to create a new system to include a real, caring relationship between doctor and patient.” – Wilma Mills, Author, West Brandywine, PA

“Dr. Makous provides three hundred pages of fast-reading anecdotes about his sixty years of practice, before summing it up in fifty pages of reflection… The patients loved their doctor, in what was known as the patient-doctor relationship. But a strange thing was also true. The doctors loved their patients, the only group in society who seemed to care what the doctor was trying to do.” – George Fisher, MD, Author, The Hospital That Ate Chicago

“A well-written, thought provoking insight into the evolution of the healthcare system in our Country. A truly insightful vision for the future is found within the pages of this book.” – Dolores Hagerstrom, Marketing Professional and Community Activist, Exton, PA

“Many of us physicians of a bygone age understood Professor Peabody’s admonition, ‘…the secret in the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.’ In Time to Care, Dr. Makous draws on his rich store of experience to document what is possible when technical skill is combined with a caring heart.”  – Harold A. Braun, MD, retired cardiologist, Missoula, Montana

“My wife and I immensely enjoyed reading Dr. Makous’ anecdotes. It is hard to argue with the central importance of the doctor-patient relationship. Anyone who has been helped thorough illness by a caring doctor will find that his approach resonates deeply.” – William G. Kussmaul III, MD, Philadelphia cardiologist

“Dr. Makous has always been able to focus on the importance of the doctor-patient relationship in maintaining a successful medical outcome. The continuous doctor-patient relationship is the most rewarding experience both for the patient and the doctor. In Time to Care, he is to be complimented for presenting in detail the medical issues that face our society in this health care crisis.” – Richard B. Anderson, MD, retired pediatric psychiatrist and professor, University of Wisconsin Medical School, Madison.

“As a practicing physician for over 60 years with an astounding range of experience, Dr. Norman Makous is uniquely qualified to explain what is wrong with the current state of our health care system, how it got that way, and how to fix it.  He has worked in rural and big-city settings; in the East, the Midwest, and the plains states; and in both public and private institutions.  He has worked in academia and performed research, and he has been a leader in both local and national medical organizations.  Far from offering a dry assessment of the facts, Dr. Makous leavens his discourse with illustrative personal anecdotes, seasoned here with the novelist’s touch of his son and co-author, Bruce Makous.” – Walter Makous, Ph. D.. Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and of Ophthalmology, University of Rochester

“Those of us who don’t do what physicians of Dr. Makous’ generation did well – that is, take the time to get to know our patients and let them know we care – ought to at least take the time to read this great account of the evolution of American medicine as practiced at the front line over the last sixty years.” – Kenneth D. Goldblum, MD, general internist, Coatesville, PA

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