Editorial Reviews

The following reviews have been published in the media.

“… compelling, fascinating, convincing, noteworthy … It should be required reading for all … who care about the current and future status and quality of healthcare delivery and services in the United States.” full review

“The author’s commitment to and compassion for his patients reverberates throughout this book. By using dozens of case anecdotes from his 60-year career as a personal-care cardiologist, he effectively illustrates how a strong patient-doctor relationship – the essence of personal medicine – brings joy and satisfaction to everyone involved.” full review

“This is a thoughtful book by a wise old soul who has ‘been there, done that.’ It is well worth reading for the insight it provides into recent medical history and for its reminder that doctors should treat patients as they themselves would want to be treated.” full review

“The idea of a return to a simpler time is an appealing one, and Dr. Makous does put forward a very well argued case… This author is not a lobbyist. He is a deeply caring man that has dedicated his life to the practice of medicine. Time To Care is an important book. It details his long and illustrious career. It also shows one potential solution to a huge problem that we face today.” full review

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