Time to Care: Personal Medicine in the Age of Technology (2009, TowPath Publications)

Frequently today, patients are subjected to the wrong tests and treatments by specialists. The personal relationship between patient and doctor that was central in traditional medicine can help prevent these problems.

This unique observation by Dr. Norman Makous, a personal care cardiologist, is based on sixty years of medical practice from the late 1940s into the early 21st Century. Time to Care: Personal Medicine in the Age of Technology, proves that people want and need a doctor they can trust.

Filled with dozens of case anecdotes that illustrate the crucial role of the patient-doctor relationship, Time to Care shows how medical practice has changed dramatically in recent decades. Today, the personal relationship between the patient and doctor has been displaced by technology.

Millions of dollars are spent on unnecessary tests and incorrect treatments. The high cost of technology-based care has caused an economic squeeze in healthcare that has already led to covert rationing of medical services. The US healthcare system can little afford to continue its wasteful and ineffective practices.

Time to Care proposes that the patient-doctor relationship be brought back to the center of the healthcare system. This will humanize treatment and help to reduce unnecessary spending, leading to a happier and healthier society.

What Readers are saying about Time to Care:

“Time to Care by Norman Makous, MD, is a must-read as the nation struggles with healthcare reform… His research, combined with fascinating personal experiences, makes this a lively read.”  – Joseph P. Sullivan, Chairman of the Board of Advisors, RAND Health

Time to Care is a remarkably timely book which should be required reading for anyone interested not only in containing medical care costs but also in reforming the way medicine is practiced… I for one am sure that we will all benefit from this.  – Magdalena T. Tosteson, PhD, Lecturer, Harvard Medical School

Time to Care has come at an opportune time given the present healthcare debate… It absolutely should be read by both the public and our political representatives.”  – William S. Frankl, MD, Author and Retired Clinical Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine

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Excerpts from Time to Care:

Click to read–Time To Care Excerpt 1–I Love Licorice!-1.doc

Click to read–Time To Care–Excerpt2–Medicine’s Dirty Little Secret

Click to read–Time To Care–Excerpt 1A–Don’t Let Them Get Me!

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The Road Taken: My Life and Times (2006, TowPath Publications)

The Road Taken--FULL COVER

Dr. Makous is a cardiologist who is highly respected in the Philadelphia medical community, witnessed his wife endure an 11-year battle with chronic illnesses. However, this wasn’t the only challenge he had to face in his life.

In his memoir, The Road Taken: My Life and Times, Dr. Makous narrates a dramatic journey through the Great Depression, World War II and his medical career during the middle of the 20th Century. His story is an incredible historical account journal of medicine’s greatest transitional period, including pre-war and post-war technology and treatments. Dr. Makous saw many heroic and horrific medical feats during his years of practice, and he learned something from each one of them—particularly what not to do.

As he sat at his wife’s bedside, they asked each other if they would have done anything differently in their lives. “Sometimes when you look back, you can’t help but ask the question. What if?” said Dr. Makous. “In the end, though, I know I loved my wife, I love my children and I love helping people.”

After reading this story, you will come to one conclusion—Dr. Makous not only earns our respect, but his place in American history.

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