The Assault on Medical Professionalism

Medical care is not a trade.  The professional commitment required is more than simply a calling to a discipline. It involves ethical conduct that recognizes the contract between the patient and the physician. The welfare of the patient always takes precedence over the doctor’s self interest.

Most people have turned their medical care purse over to third parties, who now negotiate with the doctor over care.  These insurers and managed care entities pressure the doctor to act as “gate keeper” and ration the patient’s care in ways that may not be in the patient’s best interest.  Doctors have a conflict of interest and are placed in an unethical position.

Doctors still interested in doing things in the best interest of their patients are concerned about the poor quality of care. The third parties blame the doctors.

Caveat Patiens.” Patient, beware. An increasing number of doctors have succumbed to turning medical care into a business for profit.

The third parties have wrested control of medical care from the physician community and turned medicine into a free market commodity. This is an assault on medical professionalism and independence.

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